Shoelina Russian Blues

Our first Russian Blue kitten (Annalova Jenia) was purchased from Anne Anderson of Selby in 1985 and we quickly became inseparable from this affectionate breed.


Our first breeding queen was Ch. Annalova Petroushka who was mated to Ch Shamari Shannon. The first mating produced the first two United Kingdom Grand Champion Russian Blues – UK Gr Ch & Gr Pr Shoelina Pushkin and UK Gr Ch & Gr Pr Shoelina Pulcinella.


To improve the available gene pool in the UK, we purchased a boy, Gr Ch Siblu Njinsky from Cheryl Steffe in Australia in 2002 being one of the first cats to be imported under the “pet passport” scheme.


Kittens are available from time to time to secure and loving homes.


All our kittens are born at the side of our bed and are used to being handled and cuddled from an early age. They come fully vaccinated (including leukaemia) at fourteen weeks old and are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy on the non-active register as we prefer our kittens to go to loving pet homes rather than for breeding.


If you are likely to be interested in purchasing one of our lovely Russian Blues, please contact us.